What’s So Bad About a Root Canal?

Root Canal In Nashua NH | Kalil & Kress If you’re one of the lucky people who hasn’t needed a root canal treatment, you’re probably wondering how in the world they could be as bad as people make them out to be. This blog is here to tell you—hopefully to help motivate you to prevent a root canal infection, and also to help push you to get treatment if you need it.

First things first, however. A root canal treatment in and of itself is not what is so painful. It is in fact what will put you out of your pain! However, most people just remember the intense pain that comes from the infection, therefore associating it with the treatment. However, the treatment itself is simple. You will be under some form of anesthesia, whether it is just local numbing or something more akin to sedation, and so you won’t feel anything, and it will put you out of your misery.

Why Does It Hurt So Much?
If tooth decay goes too far, the root canals in your teeth can become infected. Yes, your root canal is actually a part of your tooth! When the tooth becomes infected, it seriously affects the pulp and the nerves in it, which causes all the pain. The only way to stop it is to then remove the infection from the tooth’s root canals.

The Procedure Itself
If you have a hard time at the dentist, a root canal might be difficult for you, even if it is not painful. In many ways, a root canal is like a cavity filling on steroids. Your tooth will be hollowed out so that your dentist can access the canals. Then the infection will be removed, and your tooth will be refilled with medication and a filling, very similar to a cavity.

There is nothing inherently terrible about this procedure. In fact, it is simple and easy and harmless; in fact, it is very beneficial and will make your life better and pain-free! However, if you have a fear of the dentist, talk to him about how you can make this procedure work for you. As mentioned above, sedation can be used to help calm you.

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