What Happens During a Root Canal?

A young caring doctorWe’ve all heard about root canals. I remember going to the dentist with my mother when I was young. She needed a root canal and she was not happy. I’m sure most people have similar memories, and so even if they haven’t had a root canal themselves, there is still a very negative association with this dental procedure.

So what exactly happens during a root canal procedure? More or less, your tooth is completely hollowed out, emptied of infection, medicated and filled. Because the infection is in the canals in your tooth, your dentist will drill in and clean out the canals so there is no more infection. After the inside is filled, a crown will often be placed.

Is There Any Pain?

The thing with a root canal is that the pain actually usually comes before the procedure, and the root canal surgery is simply helping alleviate the pain. The pain comes from the decay and infection that is deep in the pulp and nerves of the physical root canals of your teeth. The procedure itself shouldn’t be painful, as you will have local anesthesia in the area. However, there many be some sensitivity and pain afterward, but it won’t be nearly as bad as before.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Root Canal?

Even if it does alleviate and not cause pain, what are some other benefits of having a root canal? For some people, it just seems like it will cost a lot of money and not actually do much. The thing is, if you don’t treat your tooth infection, it will spread into the jawbone and other teeth. It could become a very painful abscessed tooth. Not only does it stop the pain, but it prevents more serious problems. It is helpful to remember if you’re having a root canal, your tooth is already dead. Think of it as a zombie tooth. You can’t save it, but you can try to keep the problem from spreading.

No matter how scared you are of having a root canal, it will be better if you have one. Root canals are expensive and associated with pain, yes, but you will be able to enjoy your life again after a root canal.

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