Panoramic X-Ray Nashua, NHAt Kalil & Kress, we’re over film. Not the movie kind, the x-ray kind. Our practice is fully digital when it comes to taking images of your teeth, jaw, and other structures. We use digital x-rays and panoramic x-rays.

Digital X-Rays

It’s crazy to think that x-rays were first invented in 1895! Of course, in the beginning, no one understood the dangers of the radiation associated with x-rays. While they’ve been used in dentistry for decades, some patients have been concerned about the amount of radiation they’ve been receiving between the doctor’s office, for special screenings such as mammograms, and at the dentist. For that reason, among others, we’ve been fully digital for some time at Kalil & Kress.

Rather than conventional film being exposed by the x-rays, our digital x-ray systems use a sensor that the patient bites down upon. The sensor transfers the image directly into our computer system where it is instantly available to the dentist or hygienist at your chair.

Digital x-rays have many benefits for our patients:

  • Far less radiation — Digital x-rays use about 90 percent less radiation than film x-rays.
  • Higher quality images — Film x-rays were always constrained by the size of the film. Digital x-rays can be enlarged without losing resolution, making for a better, more precise view of the tooth’s structure.
  • Transferring x-rays — If we need a second opinion or need to send your x-rays to a specialist, a click of the mouse does it.
  • Environmentally friendly — Because there is no film involved, there aren’t any chemicals to dispose of. Plus, we don’t need paper storage.

Panorex Panoramic X-Rays

When we need to see your entire mouth, we use our Panorex digital panoramic x-ray system. This provides a 2D x-ray of your entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, sinuses, and other structures and tissues.

Unlike our digital x-ray system, where the patient lightly bites on a sensor, with our Panorex system, you simply stand and place your chin and forehead on a rest. Then the Panorex system moves in a semicircle around your head to create the panoramic image. We use these images for an overall view of the health of your mouth.

Specifically, we also use Panorex for:

  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Jawbone cysts
  • Jaw tumors and oral cancer
  • Impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth
  • Jaw disorders/TMJ
  • Sinusitis

The next time you’re in for you twice-yearly exam and cleaning, we may say it’s time to update your x-rays. Thanks to our digital technology, you can trust you’re getting the minimum amount of radiation exposure at the same time.

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