New Dentures Aren’t Old School

DenturesIf you’re over the age of 65, there is a one in four chance that you’re missing all of your natural teeth. It may seem like an outdated concept to have dentures made to replace those teeth, but today’s materials and fitting technology ensures dentures are more comfortable and natural looking than ever before. At Kalil & Kress, we offer full or partial dentures, and implanted-supported dentures.

Why would a person opt for dentures?

Dental implants are excellent options for replacing a missing tooth or even a few missing teeth. But replacing all of your teeth with implants isn’t realistic for most people. Instead, dentures can be a great option. Here’s why:

  • Dentures return the patient’s ability to bite and chew, giving them back a balanced diet that may have been lacking for years, due to chewing difficulty.
  • Dentures give you back a great smile, returning the original dimensions of your teeth, gums, and jawbone.
  • Dentures can return your confidence. Who wants to smile while trying to hide the fact that you’re missing all or most of your teeth?
  • Dentures allow you to speak normally again, without worrying about whistling or the inability to pronounce certain sounds.

Types of dentures

At Kalil & Kress, we offer traditional full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

  • Traditional full dentures — Traditional full dentures replace all of your upper and lower teeth. They are held in place by pressure from the cheeks and tongue and by suction onto the gums. They are removable.
  • Partial dentures — A partial denture fills a gap of three or more teeth, where a bridge can’t provide sufficient support. Partial dentures are attached to the healthy teeth on each side of the gap. They may be permanent or removable.
  • Implant-supported dentures — At Kalil & Kress, we’re big fans of implant-supported dentures. For these dentures, dental implants are placed into the jawbone on either the upper or lower (or both) arches. Usually four implants are used to anchor an entire arch. The denture is then snapped onto the implants, providing support and stability.
  • Here are the advantages of this type of denture:
    • The implants firmly anchor the dentures to eliminate rubbing or irritation.
    • The implants keep the dentures from slipping when chewing or speaking.
    • Implants transfer bite force energy down into the jawbone, providing the energy by which the jawbone rebuilds itself. This limits the rate of bone loss in the jawbone that occurs with traditional dentures.
    • Implants provide the support to allow the wearer to eat many foods that usually need to be avoided with traditional full dentures.

Are you missing all or most of your teeth? Dentures can be a great solution. Call the team at Kalil & Kress in Nashua, (603) 880-7004, to schedule a consultation.

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