Meet a Cosmetic Dentist and Say Goodbye to Your Gummy Smile

A toothache can make life hell. Sometimes, your teeth aren’t the problem, your gums are. Do you feel embarrassed to smile only because your upper lip stretches up so high that your pinkish gums are exposed? It’s called ‘gummy smile’, and you’re not the only one with this genetic cosmetic dentist condition.

You may have a gummy smile because your upper lip is relatively shorter than the teeth or you have excessive gum tissue. When your gums are longer than your teeth, it affects the overall dimensions and exposes that pinkish ribbon of gums every time you smile. The experts believe that a person has an ideal smile if only 2mm of gum is exposed while smiling. Anything over 4mm of gum showing will go into the category of gummy smile. However, the dentists believe that about 7% of men and 14% of women have excessive gingival exposure when they smile. The solution is not that difficult though, especially with new technologies being introduced in the world of cosmetic dental surgery.

Actually, what treatment option works for you depends on your unique condition. Sometimes, a cosmetic dentist believes that surgery is the only option. This is when your dentist will sever the muscles to elevate your upper lip a bit to ensure that it doesn’t go so high to expose your gum line. They may also suggest a crown lengthening procedure that involves getting rid of some gum tissue to make the crown look longer.

At Kalil & Kress, we can help you correct your gummy smile in a hassle-free way. We can remove excess gum tissue to resolve the issue, and as we use a dental laser, you don’t have to worry too much about pain, which is an obvious concern for many patients. We explain all treatment options with their risk factors and success rate, and then perform the procedure in our certified facility in Nashua, NH. Remember, if it is a dental issue with a solution buried in cosmetic dentistry, you can always trust us for the best results.

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