Kiss Your Way to a Better Smile

oral health in nashua nh | Kalil & Kress Although kissing does boost your endorphins and make you happier, it takes more than true happiness for a smile to be great—although that is the most important part. If you really want a good smile, your teeth need to be in tip-top shape. And you might be surprised to find that there’s no better way to do that than to pucker up and smooch your beau!

The Good and the Bad
You probably already know that kissing is really great for transferring bacteria from one person to another. But while you may think that this is a prime way to catch a cold, there is also a lot of good bacteria that is transferred. Or, more correctly, the bacteria in your mouth that are unique to you are transferred in small amounts to other people—and their unique bacteria is transferred to you. This helps you gain access to special bacteria that you wouldn’t have otherwise! Although that may sound like a bad thing, it really means that you will be able to build up antibodies against these foreign bacteria.

But you do need to be careful. Just as you can get sick from kissing, you can also contract gum disease if you kiss someone who has it. Just as those foreign bacteria can be passed, so can the bad bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. Just remember that kissing should never be a substitute for kissing, and if your partner or family member has gum disease, you should get screened for it as well.

Wet Your Whistle
Perhaps the best thing about kissing is that it gets your saliva flowing. The more saliva you have in your mouth, the less likely you are to develop cavities. This is because saliva helps wash out the mouth and gets rid of all that extra food and bacteria. The minerals in bacteria can also help remineralize your teeth, which helps your enamel “self-heal” before the cavity gets too big.

As you can see, kissing can be great for your oral health and help keep your smile nice and bright—hopefully getting you even more kisses.

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