How Can You Get Your Daily Fluoride Dosage?

233_2655384There’s a lot of controversy about fluoride, but for the most part professionals agree that it’s good for your teeth, but bad in excess. Still, how can you get enough fluoride to protect your teeth? Chances are you already are, but here are some tips for you to double check and apply.

Check Your Diet

Fluoride is a lot like calcium, in that it is found in many of the foods and drinks that you ingest every day. Cucumbers, grapes, spinach, and tomato products are especially high. There isn’t a specific group of foods that contains more fluoride than others. It’s just scattered throughout your food, so if you’re eating a balanced diet, you’re probably getting enough through your food.

Drink It Up

Different areas have different levels of fluoride in their water naturally, and the United States has fluoridated water through central water systems expressly for the purpose of preventing cavities. These levels should be pretty stable, giving you a good amount, but not too much.

Tea is also seen as a good source of fluoride.

Put On the Paste

As fluoride is a huge deal in the dentistry world, it is a component of many toothpastes and mouthwashes. If you’re worried about your fluoride intake (whether you’re getting too much or not enough) talk to your dentist about what type of toothpaste you should be using. Always check the labels, as they’ll tell you the ingredients used.

Other Sources

If you’re looking to get your fluoride for cavity prevention, there are fluoride tablets available. And while the US has central, fluoridated water systems, many other countries don’t have central water systems to easily distribute fluoride. In some of these countries, fluoride is added to table salt.

You should pay careful attention to your fluoride levels. Chances are you’re getting enough, but you should chat with your dentist about it anyway. Make sure to always brush your teeth, and if you need more fluoride or start seeing signs of fluorosis (where your teeth start getting mottled due to too much fluoride), see your dentist as soon as possible.

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