These Foods are Tooth Friendly

Dental Care Nashua, NHEverybody knows that eating sugar day in and day out doesn’t make our teeth very happy. Bacteria love sugar and it helps them begin the process of decay on your unsuspecting teeth.

Beyond sugar, though, most people have no idea there are other foods that can be good for your chompers. Of course, the American Dental Association is on the case. Here are seven foods the ADA thinks you should eat more often to keep your smile healthy.


If there are two things your teeth love they are calcium and protein. Yogurt has lots of both. The probiotics (good bacteria) in yogurt also benefit your gums because the good bacteria crowds out the bad bacteria. It’s best to have yogurt without added sugar. Most yogurts have cut down on added sugars, but you should still take a peek at the ingredient list.


Cheese raises the pH in the mouth and this lowers the risk of tooth decay. The chewing required to eat cheese also increases saliva production, which is good. Increased saliva production rinses away bacteria and leftover food particles.  Cheese also contains lots of calcium and protein, which strengthen tooth enamel.


Carrots are known to provide lots of vitamin A, which is good for your eyes. But their crunchiness is good for your teeth because it increases saliva production, which, as we mentioned above, is a good thing.


Fruits such as apples are sweet, but they’re also high in fiber and water. The fibrous texture of the fruit also stimulates the gums because it acts like a scrubber of sorts when we chew.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are good for your whole body, adding essential nutrients and fiber. Your teeth are fans, too. They’re high in calcium for your enamel. They contain folic acid, a type of B vitamin that has numerous health benefits, including helping pregnant women avoid gum disease.


Everyone thinks of celery as simply being bland and stringy. But, and you can feel this when chewing a stalk, it totally scrubs your teeth. It also has lots of vitamin A and C, which is good for your pink friends, the gums.


Almonds are a great source for calcium and protein and have little sugar. Plus, they’re great at filling you up. Add a quarter cup to lunch and throw some on your salad at dinner.

It’s not as if you have to avoid the occasional ice cream sundae and go on a kale-only diet. Just try and mix these items into your diet and your teeth will thank you for it.

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