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Digital X-Rays: An Overview in Dentistry

Digital X-rays are pictures of the teeth, bones and soft tissue. The pictures provide important information that helps us assess your oral health.

Digital radiography, more commonly known as digital x-rays, has allowed our team to have access to a high diagnostic tool with minimal radiation. We have been using this technology on our patients for more than ten years. We continually update the systems to utilize the most diagnostic, low radiation sensors available today. Radiographs are vital in diagnosing diseases that are not visible to the naked eye. Such diseases are periodontal disease in the form of bone degeneration, carious lesions between the teeth, endodontic abscesses that are at the apex of the teeth roots, and impacted 3rd molars or wisdom teeth.

Overview of Digital X-Rays

  • Digital radiography utilizes a digital x-ray sensor that connects to the computer to generate an immediate image of the teeth and bone.
  • Radiographs are taken of either intraoral of extraoral images. The intraoral digital x-ray utilizes the sensor that is placed in the mouth to focus on a specific region. An extraoral digital x-ray is taken using a Panorex machine, which takes images outside the mouth, allowing a larger viewing area.
  • The image taken can be enhanced and enlarged many times, making it easier for the clinician to identify any diseases. Brightness, contrast and color can also be adjusted, allowing a clinician more diagnostic tools.
  • Computer software is available to help clinicians compare previous radiographs easily.
    • If a referral is needed, digital X-rays can be e-mailed to a specialist for immediate review.

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