Dental Crowns

What Are Dental Crowns?Dental Crowns Nashua NH

Dental crowns are long-lasting and durable tooth prosthetics. They can be metal alloy or more natural-looking porcelain.

Dental crowns are designed to strengthen and restore damaged and decayed teeth.

Dental Crown Procedure

Crowns are fitted as part of a two-stage process. When getting dental crowns in our Nashua office, during your first visit, your tooth is evaluated using x-rays to determine the amount of damage that needs to be repaired. You will discuss which type of crown you want for your restoration. If you choose a porcelain crown, you will go through a color matching process to pick the right shade to match your surrounding teeth. Your tooth will be prepared by removing a portion of the enamel all the way around and across the top. If the area of decay is significant, a filler material may be used to build up the damaged part of the tooth so it can support a crown.

After this, a mold will be made of the treated tooth as well as the opposing and adjacent teeth. This mold is sent to a dental lab so a custom crown with the correct size, shape and biting surface can be fabricated. You will be fitted with a provisional resin crown to cover up the prepared tooth. When your customized crown arrives, it will be bonded to your tooth using a strong dental cement. Any final shaping and polishing will be done at this stage. The goal is to ensure that your restored tooth looks good and is comfortable to use for biting and chewing.

Dental Crowns Before & AfterDental Crowns Nashua, NH

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Types Of Crowns

Some crowns are made of porcelain to mimic the appearance of enamel. Others are metal alloys such as gold. Patients who want the benefits of a realistic tooth restoration with a strong metal base can choose a crown that is porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM).

Kalil & Kress Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers the following options for dental crowns in our Nashua office:

Metal Crowns

Gold crowns are typically the simplest to install since the metal is easy to work with. Metal dental crowns are very strong but not hard enough to wear down the opposing tooth during biting and chewing. Gold crowns are ideal for severe bruxers.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain (ceramic) crowns are slightly translucent and carefully color-matched to look like real teeth.

PFM Dental Crowns

PFM dental crowns offer the long-lasting durability of a metal base with the natural look of a porcelain coating. However, since the porcelain is layered over metal, it will look opaque and slightly less realistic. In addition, the metal base of the crown may be visible along the edge of the crown. This problem will be more noticeable if your gums recede over time.

Benefits Of Porcelain Crown

Crowns Nashua, NH

Porcelain crowns can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Drs. Kalil and Kress might recommend a crown for you if you:

  • Have a deeply cracked, worn or fractured tooth

  • Have a tooth with a large cavity

  • Are undergoing a root canal

  • Have a tooth that is abnormally small, strangely shaped or very discolored

Porcelain crowns are often used in conjunction with other restorative dentistry treatments. For example, crowns can anchor a bridge in place on either side of a missing tooth. With dental implants, a porcelain crown is the finishing touch to create a natural-looking smile again.

Maintaining Your Dental Crowns

No matter which material you choose, you will need to take care of your crown for long-lasting results. This includes regular brushing and flossing and avoiding foods or habits (like chewing ice) that could damage the restoration.

Schedule A Consultation

To learn more about Dental Crowns or to schedule a consultation, please call our Nashua Dental office at (603) 880-7004.

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