Crowns are Tooth Life Preservers

Dental Crowns Nashua, NHIt’s funny in a way. People in the U.S. fought to get out from under the monarchy, basically starting the fight just down the road in Concord. We’d had enough of the kings and queens and all of this “class” business.


But now we can’t get enough of crowns and princes and Queen Elizabeth.


Dr. Kalil & Dr. Kress follow the Royal Weddings as much as the next person, but we actually like another type of crown much better — dental crowns. We like crowns because they enable our patients to keep a tooth that is seriously in danger of needing to be extracted. Plus, crowns look great and they last for decades.


What is a crown?


If your Uncle Vern from New Boston was visiting during the holidays, you may have heard him yammering about a failing “cap.” People used to call crowns caps because they were usually made of metal and they were highly visible. “Caps” covered the tooth, kind of like a Red Sox cap, hence the name.


It’s time to only call them crowns. At Kalil & Kress, we prefer to use dental porcelain for our crowns, making them indistinguishable from the natural teeth next to them. Crowns completely cover the natural tooth, all the way down to the gumline. They are used when a tooth has extensive decay or damage and would likely need to be pulled if left on its own. By putting a crown onto the natural tooth, the tooth regains function and strength. Plus, the tooth doesn’t need to be pulled. Crowns can also be used for strictly cosmetic reasons, covering a tooth with serious staining or that is misshapen. Crowns are also the anchors for dental bridges, as the two teeth on each side of the missing tooth or teeth have crowns placed on them.


How do we place a crown?


Crowns take two appointments at Kalil & Kress. During the first appointment we prepare the tooth for the crown. We remove any decay or damage, and then we shave the tooth down on all sides and the top. This makes room for the crown to sit atop the tooth and occupy the same space as the natural tooth did. Then we take impressions and use a shade guide to match the porcelain color to the enamel on the natural adjacent teeth. This information is sent to the dental lab for fabrication of your crown. While it is being made, we place a temporary crown on the tooth.


When your custom porcelain crown is finished you return for your second appointment. Dr. Kalil or Dr. Kress first checks the fit and color match of your crown, making minor adjustments if needed. Then we cement the crown onto your tooth permanently. That’s it. You can use it immediately and if you take better care of your teeth, your crown can last for decades.


Do you have a tooth with serious decay or damage? Call us at Kalil & Kress, (603) 880-7004, to make an appointment.

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