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Laser Dentistry, Nashua, NHYou may not think of lasers and Dr. Kalil and Dr. Kress. After all, they’re not having to deal with random Stormtroopers or other thugs from the Empire.

Not those kinds of lasers.

We’re talking about dental lasers. The FDA first approved lasers for use in dentistry back in the 1980s, about when Ferris Bueller was taking his famous day off. At Kalil & Kress, we love our lasers, and so do our patients.

Here’s what we do with them.

Cavity preparation

We use laser energy to remove decayed tooth tissue and to then prepare the same tooth for placement of a filling. Why is this great for our patients?

No drill noise, which isn’t a sound most people enjoy

Creates less tooth sensitivity

Faster treatment

Preserves more healthy tooth structure

Less risk for harming the pulp of the tooth

Lasers don’t always replace the drill completely, but they limit how much Dr. Kalil or Dr. Kress need to use it.

Periodontal disease

Gum disease is no fun, and treating it with scalpels is even less fun. We use our diode laser for root planing and root scaling. Scaling goes under the gumline to remove tartar and plaque that have worked their way up there, causing serious gum irritation. Planning the process of smoothing the area afterward so it can reattach to the gums. Laser energy is great for this, plus it allows us to vaporize infected gum tissue and to disinfect the periodontal pockets that have formed as the gums are pulling away from the teeth.

Gum recontouring

People with gummy smiles would like to have their gums reduced, but most of them don’t like the idea of incisions with a scalpel and sutures afterward. Lasers are awesome, as they can vaporize the extra gum tissue and create a symmetrical, more proportional gumline without a scalpel. Plus, they instantly close the incision and disinfect the area, often removing the need for sutures.

Theseare a fewareas where we use laser technology at Kalil & Kress, and our patients love it. Call us at (603) 880-7004 to schedule your next appointment.

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