8 Tips for Effective Home Dental Care

iStock_000008235598SmallWhether you realize it or not, your teeth can do wonders for your confidence! They’re a big part of how you show the world when you’re happy by smiling and laughing, and they’re a good indication of how well you take care of yourself.

Good oral hygiene starts at home and at an early age, so we’d love to give you some solid tips to keep your family’s teeth sparkling. You may have heard about some of these before, but it’s always helpful to have a quick reminder.

Brush twice a day – First thing in the morning and right before you go to bed are the best times to brush. Be sure to brush thoroughly, including the tongue and roof of your mouth. Don’t think that simply because you’re an adult you’re exempt from getting cavities.

Floss daily – A toothbrush doesn’t reach between your teeth where plaque tends to build. Use disposable dental floss or a plastic flosser to completely clean your teeth. Doing so at night ensures that you remove most of the buildup from throughout your day.

Use mouth wash – Not only with your mouth taste minty fresh, your teeth will be thoroughly fluoridated. This daily ritual is particularly helpful if you’re prone to cavities.

Change your toothbrush regularly – Replacing your old toothbrush with a new one three to four times a year maintains the effectiveness of your teeth brushing efforts.

Eat healthy foods – Some foods are particularly good for your teeth. Such foods include milk, yogurt, cheese (especially mozzarella), meat (especially chicken), and peanuts.

Avoid sugary foods – Sugary foods and drinks cause cavities, especially when the above home dental care routine is neglected. Soda and hard candies are common culprits as the sugar tends to linger on your teeth.

Don’t smoke – On the less severe end of the tooth health spectrum, smoking causes stains on your teeth. But smoking also leads to oral and throat cancer, which can be life threatening.

Visit your dentist – Biannual checkups are the best way to maintain long-term dental health. Your dentist knows best! And you’ll be sure to either catch dental problems early or avoid them altogether.

Happy brushing!

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